The complete PhD topic list of Semmelweis University Doctoral Schools can be found on the following page.

PhD topics of the Institute of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy:

Cardiovascular Medicine and Research Division, head: Prof. Miklós Kellermayer
  Topic Supervisor
Program Cardiovascular Disorders: Physiology and Medicine of Ischaemic Circulatory Diseases  
  Investigation of myocardial ischemic adaptation in the presence of comorbidity factors on in vitro cell culture models Dr. Anikó Görbe 
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Technologies Division, head: Prof. Romána Zelkó
  Topic Supervisor
Program Translational and clinical pharmacology  
  Utilization and development of network theoretical and bioinformatics methodologies in the research of cardiovascular diseases and pharmacovigilance

Dr. Bence Ágg 

Dr. Péter Ferdinandy 

  Communication between cell organelles and its role in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases Dr. Mórotz Gábor
Program Experimental and clinical pharmacology  
  Pharmacological approaches to manage neuropathic pain: peripheral versus central effects of combined therapies Dr. Al-Khrasani Mahmoud
  Central and peripheral mechanisms as potential drug targets Dr. Zsuzsanna Fürst
  The role of extracellular vesicles in signaling between cardiovascular cell types in metabolic diseases Dr. Zoltán Giricz
  The role of extracellular vesicles in cardioprotective therapies Dr. Zoltán Giricz
  The role of local mediators in vascular reactions, the functional integrity of the mucous membrane and adrenal functions Dr. Klára Gyires
  Mechanisms of spinal and supraspinal opiodergic control of pain perception Dr. Pál Riba
  Identification of new inflammatory mechanisms as therapeutic attack points in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases Dr. Zoltán Varga
  Analysis of the effects and receptors of compounds influencing the functioning of the gastrointestinal system Dr. Zoltán Zádori
The topics of the Translational and Clinical Pharmacology program are organized by the Center for Translational Medicine.


Szentágothai János Neurosciences Division, head: Prof. Dániel Bereczki
  Topic Supervisor
Program  Functional neurosciences  
  Modeling cognitive disorders of psychiatric and neurological diseases in rodents Dr. István Gyertyán 


Molecular Medicine Division, head: Prof. Péter Enyedi
  Topic Supervisor
Program Pathobiochemistry  
  Molecular pharmacology and accompanying molecular pharmacodiagnostics of cell death-regulating signaling therapies Dr. István Peták