Each year, the researchers will prepare a list of commitments concerning teaching, research activity, training, and institute responsibilities (publications in international journals, Ph.D. students, grant applications, institute public service responsibilities, teaching responsibilities, etc). The head of the institute will use the list at the beginning of the following year to jointly evaluate the researcher, and discuss his/her satisfaction and plans for the near future. The commitment list for the following year will be drawn up in light of this. Researchers will receive ongoing information (grant monitoring system) and institutional support to attend training courses and conferences. They will attend the most relevant conferences in their professional profile and most relevant to the Institute’s research strategy, with the support of the Institution. All institute researchers are members of the institute’s flagship professional society and are involved in the organization of its webinar programs. The Institute maintains a Ph.D. pipeline, which carefully plans the training program for young researchers joining the Institute (duration of training, supervisor commitments, planned publications, career development opportunities). At the beginning of each year, the Head of the Institute prepares a summary of the previous year’s achievements and presents a detailed research and development strategy for both young and senior researchers. The Institute’s Research Strategy Board meets regularly (every 2 months) to discuss development opportunities that are also part of the Institute’s strategy and to present the agreed development opportunities to the researchers. In the interest of the dynamic development of the entire Institute’s research staff, the number of new Ph.D. students proposed for recruitment and the optimal number of young researchers (undergraduate TDK students) are determined annually by the Institute, updating the Institute’s seniority list. For TDK students, the Institute organizes continuous training in the form of a weekly Science Club. For the most outstanding Ph.D. students, the Institute offers a place in the Institute in harmony with teaching duties or supports their participation in research trips abroad to gain experience (postdoctoral positions). The institute ensures that students leaving training have a Ph.D. thesis of a standard that makes them immediately eligible to apply as young researchers (IF and citation rates, conference attendance, possible patenting). The institute supports the participation of its researchers in R&D ventures as well.