Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 27. June 2022
532799 Total vaccines

Zsombor Mátyás PAPP MD

educational vice president

Ask your representatives with confidence:



head of faculty

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responsible for 1st year

Anna ERDÉLYI-NAGY [E-mail]

Karina KOVÁCS [E-mail]

Petra ZNAMENÁK [E-mail]

responsible for 2nd year

Róza BÁTI [E-mail]

Petra TIMÁR [E-mail]

Virág VINCZE [E-mail]

responsible for 3rd year

Noémi ÁDÁM [E-mail]

Tamás PINTÉR [E-mail]

responsible for 4th year

Kristóf MAGYAR [E-mail]

responsible for 5th year

Szabolcs MÓRI [E-mail]

Lőrinc PALOTÁS [E-mail]

Anni PAPP [E-mail]

Eszter SUSKÓ [E-mail]

responsible for 6th year Nikoletta KÁLOVICS [E-mail]




head of faculty

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responsible for 1st year Bernadett KOVÁCS [E-mail]
responsible for 2nd year Bernadett KOVÁCS [E-mail]
responsible for 3rd year

Dávid PAP [E-mail]

György Árpád KESKENY [E-mail]

responsible for 4th year Dominik PINTÉR [E-mail]
responsible for 5th year Kristóf SOMODI [E-mail]




head of faculty

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responsible for 1st year Fanni PÁLFI [E-mail]
responsible for 2nd year Anna MIHÓKY [E-mail]
responsible for 3rd year Gábor FILIPSZKI [E-mail]
responsible for 4th year András MÁNDOKI [E-mail]
responsible for 5th year Noel NYARIKI [E-mail]


Health Sciences


head of faculty

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vice head of faculty

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vice head of faculty

E-mail     Telephone


responsible for 1st year

Barbara MÁTYUS (correspondence training) [E-mail | Telephone]

Eszter MOLNÁR [E-mail | Telephone]

responsible for 2nd year Anett FEKE [E-mail | Telephone]
responsible for 3rd year Réka HÁMORI [E-mail | Telephone]
responsible for 4th year Boróka HERCZOG [E-mail | Telephone]


Mission, vision:

The most important job of the Students’ Union – required by law – is to represent the interests of the students and to ensure that the education is student-centred. The cornerstone of effective representation is close cooperation and communication with both students and the University’s leaders and decision-makers. For this reason, the Students’ Union educational representation stretches from group representatives through the class and faculty representatives to the vice-president for educational affairs. The team’s daily tasks include the tracking of year groups, help with requests for assistance on different platforms (Facebook Messenger, e-mail, website), cooperation with educational administrative agencies. Collecting and organising feedback from students is also very important, as it helps us to understand the needs of as many students as possible and to work towards their realisation.