No. of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 22 January 2023
545262 Total vaccines

I’m a first year medical student at Semmelweis. I grew up in Luxembourg, being privileged enough to have studied 4 languages at school in the following order: luxembourgish, german, french and english. I have a passion for building communities of people with the same interest and would love to pass on my knowledge. In regards of this, I did a volunteering in Nepal where I taught English and Maths in primary schools. This month in the suburbs of Kathmandu gave me an extraordinary satisfaction which I would love to revive here!

– I teach French and German in an active and efficient way. I would love to pass on my knowledge for my students to be able to use it in everyday life. It won’t be too serious classes, but more talking and making the student actively participate and talk as I’m convinced this is the best method for learning a language.
– 6000 ft/h

– +352691612002