Each year, the newest students of our University receive an information-filled printout, namely, the Freshmen’s Newsletter. The only difference this year is that the Students’ Union-run Newsletter was published solely online under the Green University Project’s framework.

By this, the usual 142,000 pieces of A4 paper were left unprinted, which translates to more than 2,100 kg of trees being left intact. More than 36,000 liters of water and 7,500 kWh of energy are also usually used up by this process. This equals the total yearly energy expenditure of energy for 3 average Hungarian households. Thus, 750 kg of carbon dioxide was retained from entering the atmosphere.

The 2021 Freshmen’s Newsletter can be found at this link: https://semmelweis.hu/hok/files/2021/08/Golyahir-2021.pdf