Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 18 August 2022
536180 Total vaccines

Scope of activities:
– Hiring for startup!
– volunteer
– Budapest

“Would you like to be a part of a project working on digitalizing Hungarian healthcare?
OkiDok Egészségügyi Kft. is a startup working on finding solutions on digitalizing the communication between the patient and the primary healthcare by the means of digitalization.
English language skills are required, and Hungarian is also appreciated.

Does this sound interesting for you, and you want to learn more about it?

Please let me know, you can contact me on email or on my Whatsapp: or whatsapp: +4746548042

Yvesa Spahija
CEO and founder of OkiDok Egészségügyi Kft.”

– OkiDok Egészségügyi Kft.
– Budapest
– Yvesa Spahija
– +4746548042

Targeted labour:
– student, resident, professional
– Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Sciences II., III., IV., V., VI.


End of application:
6th Nov 2021