Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 05 March 2021
66714 Total vaccines
10868 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

The main point in yesterday’s Assembly meeting was voting upon the candidate to assume the now-vacant Vice Presidency position of the Event Planning Committee. From the three candidates, two were present at the meeting, where Panna Banhidi, then János Domonkos Stubnya gave presentations of their plans if elected. Mohamad Mohamad’s ideas were presented by Vice President Mate Tolvaj, for Mohamad was unfortunately absent due to illness. 

 As the rules require, Assembly Delegates had the opportunity to ask questions in the presence of the candidates. Many questions arose, mainly concerning the restructuring of the Committee hierarchy, reduction of bureaucracy, cost-effectiveness, and the involvement of the international students in events.

Then, the voting occurred, where János Domonkos Stubnya was elected as the new Vice President. 

  “My election gives me much joy, and I want to thank you for your trust! Today, I began my work motivated, with many new ideas in my mind. When the COVID-19 pandemic ceases or at least subsides, the work associated with Event Planning will substantially rise. I begin my work today with many structural and bureaucratic changes Committee, as well as with a plethora of new ideas,” said Janos after the voting. 

 Therefore, we congratulate Janos and wish him much success in his future work!