A decision was made with the contribution of the Students’ Union about the renovtion of NET building and the Department of Anathomy. Bálint Tripolszky, president discussed the details with Alex Bodnár, Head of facility development and operations translating the demands articulated by the students. Hopefully these changes will be ready til next September.

According to our plans, the balcony above the Council Hall will be turned into a chill-zone by placing comfy seats. The corridor right at the Almuni office will be renovated as well, and new furniture and storing spaces will be put over there. Regarding the Department of Anathomy, the majority of parking spaces will replaced with smart benches, in addition the garden will be expanded with a kiosk getting built over there for the students to take rest between classes.

Bálint also had a meeting with the owner of the private dorm next to EOK. the Dean’s college (former Milestone). The result of this fruitful meeting is from September the main hall on the groundfloor will be free to use for all Semmelweis students, including the foosball, billiard and airhockey tables, as well as the 100 m2 study. Whatsmore, the enourmous rooftop will be available for events, wich will provide great athmosphere with it’s spectecular view. Stay tuned for the upcoming rooftop events!