The new Administration

The Students’ Union’s Delegate Congress on yesterday’s presidential electional session voted about the nominees submitted by the new president, Bálint Tripolszky for the new administration. After the vote counting Students’ Union’s new presidentship will be the following:

  • Máté Balázs Tolvaj – VP;
  • Zsombor Mátyás Papp – Educational Vice-chairman;
  • Ádám Kapai – Event planning Vice-chairman;
  • Félix Takács – Vice-chairman;
  • Attila Szűcs – Head of social issues;
  • Botond Kalácska – Head of dormitory issues;
  • Anna Artner – Head of foreign affairs;
  • János Domonkos Stubnya – Head of healthcare;
  • Muád Aldubai-Mohamed – Head of commumications.

Later on the Delegate Congress decided about the new editor of the university’s student magazine, Szinapszis. Two valid applications were submitted for the position, which ended up in Balázs Boros being the most capable to be the new editor.

The last section of the session was about the new student Senators. A lot of the former representatives finished their studies, therefore new delegates were needed to be named. The following students will represent the students of the university in the highest decision making forums:

  • Muád Aldubai-Mohamed;
  • Anna Artner;
  • Bálint Borsik;
  • Ádám Kapai;
  • Zsombor Mátyás Papp;
  • Alexandra Pop;
  • Félix Takács;
  • Máté Balázs Tolvaj;
  • Bálint Tripolszky;
  • Edina Vajda;
  • Norbert Völcsei.


Bálint Tripolszky named his presidential assignees, who will be a part of the new administration:

  • Bálint Borsik –Assignee of services;
  • András  Pósta – Assigne of sport activities;
  • György Árpád Keskeny – Assignee of e-learning;
  • Adrián Géza Veress – Assignee of the German student body;
  • Bence Balogh – Assignee of organisation connections;
  • Alexandra Pop – Assignee of media;
  • Anna Király – Assignee of website
  • Bálint Barta – Assignee of photography.


As the heads of faculties, the following students have been named temporarily:

  • Faculty of general medicine: Norbert Völcsei;
  • Faculty of dentistry: Patrik Kreuter;
  • Faculty of pharmacy: Noel Nyariki;
  • Faculty of health sciences: Gábor Gyenes;
  • Faculty of public health service: Dávid Hőnig;
  • Pető András faculty: Kolina Karakas.


Congratulations, we wish you successful work in the future!