Dear Student,

Due to the new regulations put into effect, the processes regarding entering the country, ordering of quarantine and requesting exemption from quarantine have changed as follows:

  • after crossing the border, the police will issue a decree of quarantine order
  • the student is obligated to travel to the address indicated in the decree
  • students will be able to apply for release from the quarantine for the purpose of taking PCR tests on the below website, only after receiving the decree. In the request, the student must refer to the decree number. (This request CAN NOT be submitted before entering the country)

(menu navigation: Járványügyi intézkedésekkel kapcsolatos beadványok > PCR teszt időpontjáról tájékoztatás megküldése > COVID-06)

  • law enforcement officials will electronically confirm your request within 24 hours (the student is not allowed to leave their location of quarantine until that or they will be fined if found absent during inspection). We suggest that you request your first PCR test date to be the day after your entry, taking into account expiry of the 24 hour time frame.
  • After obtaining 2 negative PCR tests, students will be able to request exemption from the quarantine on the previously mentioned website. (menu navigation: Járványügyi intézkedésekkel kapcsolatos beadványok > Határátlépéshez kapcsolódó PCR negatív tesztek eredményéről tájékoztatás megküldése > COVID-08) The decree of quarantine exemption will be sent by the police directly to the student, in a digital format.

The main change from the previous process is that the student can now individually start and conduct the process directly with the police, after entering the country. As such, the student no longer has obligations to provide personal information to the registrar or the Government Office.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Alán Alpár
Vice-rector for International Studies

Veraltete Information vom 24.09.2020:

Dear Student,

In case you are currently in obligatory 10 day quarantine decreed by the authorities after your arrival to Hungary or you are soon returning to Hungary/being placed into quarantine, please promptly get in contact with your registrar. Make sure to include the below data:

  • name
  • birth name
  • date and place of birth
  • mother’s maiden name
  • number of your ID or passport
  • address of residency in Hungary
  • date of entry to Hungary of the person in possession of student status
  • date of first test (if relevant)
  • I wish to remain in the 10 day quarantine and do not wish to take a PCR test YES/NO (underline the answer)

In case you choose to be tested, please send the filled out, signed, scanned version of the following documents along with the previously mentioned data to your registrar:

  • document titled „Tájékoztatás járványügyi megfigyelés ideiglenes intézkedésként történő elrendeléséről” received from the police at the border;
  • authorisation in which you have to declare that the University may use your personal data in the process of relieving you from quarantine decreed by the authorities (download-doc;;
  • result of SARS-CoV-2 PCR test taken in one of the countries of the schengen area (according to the regulations in effect), in Canada or in the United States (can be acceptable as a first test) – Ergänzung am 30.10.2020: Am Dokument des PCR-Testergebnisses Ihres im Ausland durchgeführten PCR-Tests 
    muss zumindest die Diagnose/das Testergebnis in Englischer Sprache geschrieben sein.

Please promptly let your registrar know about the results of your tests. After your second negative PCR test, the University will take action to relieve you from the quarantine.

Best regards,
Dr. Alán Alpár