Diese Nachricht bezieht sich ausschließlich für die nach Grenzübertritt angeordnete Quarantäne.

Dear Student,

In case you are currently in obligatory 10 day quarantine decreed by the authorities after your arrival to Hungary or you are soon returning to Hungary/being placed into quarantine, please promptly get in contact with your registrar. Make sure to include the below data:

  • name
  • birth name
  • date and place of birth
  • mother’s maiden name
  • number of your ID or passport
  • address of residency in Hungary
  • date of entry to Hungary of the person in possession of student status
  • date of first test (if relevant)
  • I wish to remain in the 10 day quarantine and do not wish to take a PCR test YES/NO (underline the answer)

In case you choose to be tested, please send the filled out, signed, scanned version of the following documents along with the previously mentioned data to your registrar:

  • document titled „Tájékoztatás járványügyi megfigyelés ideiglenes intézkedésként történő elrendeléséről” received from the police at the border;
  • authorisation in which you have to declare that the University may use your personal data in the process of relieving you from quarantine decreed by the authorities (download-doc; https://semmelweis.hu/deutsch/files/2020/09/Privacy-Policy_COVID_19_1.pdf);
  • result of SARS-CoV-2 PCR test taken in one of the countries of the schengen area (according to the regulations in effect), in Canada or in the United States (can be acceptable as a first test)

Please promptly let your registrar know about the results of your tests. After your second negative PCR test, the University will take action to relieve you from the quarantine.

Best regards,
Dr. Alán Alpár