Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 28 July 2021
350845 Total vaccines

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im Auftrage von Prof. Dr. Alpár Alán, Vizerektor für Internationales Studium teile ich Ihnen folgende Informationen betreffend der COVID-19 Risikoeinstufung, PCR-Test und Verhaltensregeln in englischer Sprache mit:

Application for PCR test is mandatory for those who have been in high risk contact with the infected person in the following time window: 2 days before symptoms started – time of diagnosis. (Make sure to indicate the „CONTACT” category on the application form!)

Dates of testing: the test is recommended to be repeated after the positive test (day 0), then at least 4-5 days following contact and lastly, on the 7th day.

If both tests, taken in an interval exceeding 48 hours, are negative, the person is allowed to return to work. The high risk contact is not allowed to enter public spaces from the day of contact until receiving a second negative PCR test.


High risk exposure (close contact):

  • who lives in the same household with a COVID-19 infected person;
  • neither the infected person, nor the contact wore masks;
  • who got into physical contact with a COVID-19 infected person (eg. via handshake);
  • who got in contact with the infectious discharge of a COVID-19 infected person without protective equipment (eg. being coughed on or touching the paper tissue used by the infected person with bare hands);
  • who got into personal contact with a COVID-19 infected person (being within 2 metres distance for more than 15 minutes) [eg. eating, drinking coffee, smoking together];
  • who was in the company of a COVID-19 infected person in a closed airspace (being within 2 metres distance longer than 15 minutes) [eg. school classroom, office meeting, hospital waiting room]
  • health care worker attending/looking after a COVID-19 infected person without the prescribed individual protective equipment or laboratory worker handling samples of the COVID-19 infected patient in the same fashion;

Low risk exposure (occasional, short, one-time contact):

  • who was in the same closed airspace with the COVID-19 infected person within 2 metres distance for less than 15 minutes;
  • who travelled in the same transport vehicle with a COVID-19 infected person.

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Home isolation rules

Semmelweis University takes all measures to exclude the possibility of high-risk contact within Semmelweis campus. Please note, that students are requested to act responsibly outside the university campus and take all necessary safety measures to preserve their health.

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