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Vaccination and Antimicrobial Resistance is a new section of the Budapest Medical Students Association (BMSA), and it organises classes for high school students about very topical vaccinations and about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), as knowing about these topics are vital for members of modern society.

Vaccination presentation

Unfortunately the 21st century has brought a rising support for vaccine hesitancy in many countries, and several diseases thought to be eradicated like measles and diphtheria have emerged  again in developing countries. Vaccine hesitancy not only endangers its believers and their children, but other members of society as well, especially the ones who -for some other medical reason- can not be vaccinated. Anti-vaccinationists usually make arguments based on fake news and half-truths for the dangers of vaccines. Informing people is utmost important in order to successfully challenge spreading misconceptions. Our presentations aim to inform. We not only guide them through the quite interesting world of the immune system, pathogens and vaccines , but also give them such knowledge in these topics which enables them to make responsible, independent choices later when it comes to vaccination. This presentation is beneficial to all high school students, it does not include too many medical terms, making it easy to understand for all students. Participants will learn about passive and active immunisation, different types of vaccines, immunisation schedules, diseases that can be prevented by vaccination and the dangers of missing these vaccines. Topics covered in our presentation include several other issues as well. 

AMR presentation 

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), poses a growing threat today. Alongside with the WHO, many other health organisations are raising awareness about the the danger of antimicrobial resistance, and calling for action in order to stop the spread of these pathogens. Nevertheless civil society does not pay enough attention to this issue. We are giving presentations to high school students to change this attitude, since students themselves can act against AMR. The presentations focuses primarily on resistance to antibiotics. Misuse and irresponsible use of antibiotics play a great role in the spread of antibiotic resistance. We educate about this fact, and also about other ways of the development of AMR. Students will get to know the history of antibiotics, the term of AMR, the curious world of bacteria and resistant bacteria, and are advised about the proper use of antibiotics. By the end of the lesson, students will know about the dangers of AMR, while also getting the needed knowledge to change the current situation. We recommend this class to all high school students, as they will see a comprehensible and spectacular presentation about this complex issue. 

Hand washing and vaccination 

This a an exciting and comprehensible presentation for elementary school students about the immune system, vaccines and how useful they are. The second part is to teach them how to wash their hands properly. We find it utmost important that children gain these skills in elementary school. If proper hand washing becomes a habit, and they get to know the importance of vaccination in this young age, countless future diseases and infections can be prevented. Hand washing and vaccination plays an equally important part in healthy lifestyle as physical activity or consuming enough fruits. These methods are the best way to fight against infections and to preserve our health. 

Hornyák Balázs
Head of Vaccination and Antimicrobial Resistance prevention