BMSA has several years of experience in organizing and conducting preventive classes, therefore we have acquired considerable professional experience and references over the years.
All members of our section are medical students, focusing on clinical studies, aged 20 to 26, who wish to raise awareness among elementary and high school students by giving lessons about factors affecting them like smoking and alcohol that pose serious health risks, while informing them about cardiovascular diseases and tumors.
Our members regularly attend extra trainings in order to make their presentations up to date, and to able to inform students about the latest scientific discoveries. 

Our aim is provide students with a better overall picture concerning the most common diseases causing death today, while also educating them about possible preventive methods. We give basic anatomical information about the cardiovascular system, and also present the mechanism of carcinogenesis.

We believe in the importance of raising awareness among students about both life-threatening diseases and belign transformations like cardiac arrest, benign tumors of the heart, cervical cancer and cancer in adolescents and young adults.

We demonstrate proper self-examination of boys and girls. We believe that gaining this skill in high school result in a better chance of preventing cancer, and also having better outcome of such diseases. We also emphasize the importance of age related  screenings and their role in prevention. 

We pay special attention to how harmful habits like smoking and alcohol consumption contribute to developing diseases. We are trying to make high school students understand how prevention can save lives, so they wouldn’t be afraid of screenings, but be become actively involved in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

We are more than happy to answer students’ questions during or after the classes.
Classes are flexible, based on your needs of form and content, free of charge for institutes of public education.
If you are here to ask us to give a lesson on this topic, please send us an e-mail to We will then contact you.

Siklóssy Regina
Head of Cardiovascular and cancer prevention