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The Teddy Bear Hospital programme aims to bring children closer to medical personnel and healthcare an to healthy lifestyle in a playful way. A medical examination is simulated with the help of medical students, where children can heal their own plush toys, realizing things happening at the doctor are not at all as frightening as they would think. 

The original idea comes from Scandinavia, and it spread to many countries around the world through IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations). The programme has become a great success with the help of Hungarian Medical Students’ Association in Budapest, Pécs, Debrecen and Szeged. 

Children learn about how medical examinations happen, what tools are used, what the medical environment looks like, which leads to a decreased level of stress and anxiety of the children during a real examination. 

All they need is their teddy bear or any other favourite toy, and they can treat its imaginary condition with the help of specially trained teddy bear doctors. In no time they forget about the presence of, the white coat and the ‘ugly, scary tools’.

Thanks to our special equipment, children can perform an entire ‘teddy bear surgery’ in a specially designed operating room, in special clothes, while also learning about the organs hiding inside the body. 

Our goals:
  • helping children overcome their fear of the white coat and harmless medical tools,
  • building trust between children and doctors 
  • teaching responsibility through making them take care of the teddy bears 
  • making them understand the positive side of the medical profession 
  • embracing the curiosity of children towards medicine
  • promoting health and prevention, acting against dangerous life situations 


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Sára Bencsik 
Head of Children’s Health