The Twinning Projects (abbrev. TP) is the main project of EMSA. The TPs aim at bringing together medical students from different countries and cultures to get to know each other better.

The name twinning refers to the temporary partnership of two cities in Europe. The participants (or twins) stay 7-7 days in each city, so the project is approximately two weeks long.

During the TP each participant has a twin (=pair), with whom they take part in various academic and cultural programmes. They also take care of each other. Thus, if you are a participant, you are responsible for:

  • your travel from and to the destination city
  • your meals above the daily two, covered meals in the destination city
  • the local transportation of your twin in Budapest
  • two meals (one warm, one cold) per day for your twin in Budapest
  • accommodation of your twin in Budapest
  • the sightseeing and organized social programme of your twin in Budapest

Thus, we are creating a more safe and money-saving environment for ourselves.

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