Clinical duty is often a defining experience in a medical student’s life, for meeting real patients in hospitals is entirely different from learning about them. The IFMSA Standing Committee on Professional Exchange’s (SCORE’s) mission is to offer future physicians a meaningful and memorable journey, through you both enrich yourself culturally and learn from the best specialists.

What exactly is the SCOPE Exchange?

As part of the exchange program you can spend 4 weeks abroad working in a clinic. During this time, you will be introduced to the basic principles of the specialty you have chosen. You can master new methods and skills or improve on already existing ones. In your free time, social programs will be organised by the hosting association, where you can learn about their culture and make relations lasting a lifetime. 

How can you participate in the SCOPE Exchange?

Every active BOE member can apply for participation in the exchange program, who has a proof of enrolment in that academic year, an state-accredited language exam in English or in the official language of the hosting country (at least level B2). Read more about the competition process in the Exchange Terms and Conditions.

Each student can win one spot in one country in the competition at the Professional and Research Exchange Spot Distribution. The obtained spot allows you to participate in a 4 weeks long exchange in that country between 1st of April and 31st of March. You need to fill out the Application Form (AF) and upload the Cards of Document (CoD) on the IFMSA’s Exchange platform.

In case of a bilateral contract the exchange fee is 40 000 Ft, which has to be paid by the travelling student to BOE.  In case of a unilateral contract the exchange fee depends on the hosting country and have to be paid by the travelling student to the hosting NMO/LC. Read more information about the unilateral fees and participating countries in the Exchange Conditions. The hosting Local Committee provides board and lodging for 4 weeks (usually in a hostel/dormitory and one meal per day). Additional costs incurring besides the accommodation and meals (one per day), such as travel expenses, visa, insurance, social programs, vaccination etc. has to be paid by the traveller.

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I hope the SCOPE exchange has aroused your interest!

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Pongrácz Máté
Local Officer on Professional Exchange (LEO-Out)