Dear Sir/Madam,

The new National Curriculum suggests the education of BLS (Basic Life Support) and First Aid. We, as medical students are trying to spread this skill, free of charge. On one hand, you can still ask for our classes from kindergarten to high school (that requires contacting us at, on the other hand, we aim to train more first aid and BLS instructors all across the country in the name of sustainability. This means that we provide an intensive training through several occasions to students and teachers as well, giving them not only basic medical knowledge, but also the ability to teach BSL and First Aid in their immediate surroundings, thus spreading these skills in their schools.

All our instructors attended an intensive training, which is based on a reviewed educational material. That was followed by a theoretical and practical exam, overseen by the head of this committee or a fellow experienced student. For further guarantee of quality, we would like emphasize our flexibility: please notify us in advance, if you would like to see our class beforehand, or if you have any special requests. 

Our class in based upon the Hungarian Resuscitation Council’s guidelines about adult BLS and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use, but also includes knowledge about emergency calls, basic wound care methods, recognition of the most common accidents, sickness and required actions. Ideally BLS requires 2*45 minutes including both theoretical and practical education, while First Aid takes one 45-minute-class. Naturally, we are flexible, based on your needs and possibilities. 

Furthermore, we find it especially useful, when we get feedback about our instructors from you. We believe that for our enthusiastic medical students who spare no time and effort, your feedbacks are the best way to improve their skills. For this reason, please rate our instructors in an e-mail sent after the class. 

Thank you!

With further qustions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Pálya Timea
Head of Basic Life Support and First Aid