Budapest Medical Students’ Association (BMSA) is a non-governmental, non-profit medical student organization which is one of the biggest on Semmelweis University.  This means that we are completely run and organized by medical students only. BMSA has more than 500 members, making it one of the largest associations at the university. Previously, BMSA has largely been organized and made available to Hungarian students only. However, this year we are working very hard to involve students of the English and German programs as well! The international students have been underrepresented at Semmelweis thus far, in terms of having a student organization which they can be a part of. BMSA feels that it is important to bridge the gap between the Hungarian, English and German programs to provide opportunities to more medical students as well as to offer help to more people.

BMSA was founded on three main principles: 
  1. Preventative medicine,
  2. Charity
  3. Student exchanges. 

We believe that in order to have a healthy society, it is important to focus on primary prevention. We organize classes in high schools where we teach children about their health and how they can prevent communicable and non-communicable diseases. In 2018, we organized more than 600 classes – with these reaching out to more than 15,000 students. We plan to increase these numbers by introducing prevention lessons in English-speaking high schools and classes. You do not have to worry if you do not speak Hungarian, everything you do will be in English! This is a unique opportunity because it gives you the chance to truly make a positive impact on others’ lives before you become a physician. You gain experience and help others in the process!

Our main topics are:
  1. Sexual and reproductive health
  2. Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse
  3. Health and nutrition
  4. Cardiovascular and cancer prevention
  5. Basic Life Support and First Aid
  6. Organ and Blood Donation
  7. Vaccination and Antimicrobial Resistence
  8. Children’s health (Teddy Bear hospital)
How does it work?

Those who are interested in holding prevention classes must first undergo a training and a small talk with the head of the committee. The purpose of this is simply to ensure that you are prepared for your topic and know what to cover during your class. Once you’ve passed all these, you’re ready to go! BMSA will organize everything beyond that, so all you need to do is show up and teach! For those who might not feel comfortable holding a class on their own the first time, they’ll be able to go in pairs.

For English speaking students, only the AMR, Health and Nutrition, Human Rights and Peace sections and the Teddy Bear Hospital are available right now. If any of you are interested, we will also involve other topics.

Additionally, we organize events to raise awareness for various topics or diseases, such as Melanoma day, AIDS Day, World Antibiotics Awareness Week, etc. We also perform screening for diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

For more information about our preventive medicine activities and how to take part in them please contact:

 How can you be a part of Budapest Medical Students’ Association?

If you are currently a medical student at Semmelweis University then you can become a member anytime during the year with paying the 1500 HUF membership fee and giving us some personal information (name, year of studies, e-mail address, address). Membership is valid from September-September – so if you become a member later during the year you will have to renew it in September. Once you are a member you can participate in any program or project organized by BMSA and you will receive our newsletter to inform you about our current programs.

If you want to become a member or for more information about the association please contact:

The point system

Members earn points for each prevention program that they participate in. For example, Teddy Bear Hospital participants can earn 1,5 points / 45 minutes they spend at the event. The more you participate, the more points you earn! Members can save up these points and then eventually spend them towards exchanges. The more points you have, the higher your priority will be when choosing an exchange destination.

The Exchange Programmes

Our exchange programmes include one-month exchanges both in research and profession related activities. Every year approximately 100 students can travel to 30 countries around the globe. While participating in a prestigious IFMSA exchange programme you will gain international experience and befriend countless foreigners. This is a wonderful opportunity to  complete your compulsory summer practice of internal medicine, surgery or one of the sixth year practices.

You will use your points earned during your work with the BMSA to get in an exchange programme. Research places are available from second year and profession related ones from third year. As you keep your points from previous years, we advise you to start working with us as soon as you can.


Budapest Medical Students’ Association (BMSA) as part of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) presents members the opportunity to complete summer practices abroad within the framework of the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE).

The programme takes four weeks, during which you will be able to experience working in other countries’ health systems, gain professional skills and see the country with fellow students.  

What should you know about SCOPE?

100 students can travel abroad from Budapest as part of a bilateral agreement. The fee is paid by the outgoing student, which, as part of the agreement, we use to finance one month expenses of the student coming to Budapest in exchange. The outgoing student’s expenses will be covered by the host country’s Association. The bilateral fee this year is 40 000 HUFs.

Unilateral agreements also exist. In this case, the outgoing student pays his/her own expenses to the host country’s Association