Dear Visitor,

I would like to introduce you to the work of BMSA’s Sexual and Reproductive Health section.
All members of our Association are medical students, who give prevention classes to elementary and high school students after completing our training. 
We are connected to many schools in Budapest and its vicinity, however, we would like to further reach as many schools as possible.
This section focuses on topics in connection with sexual culture, including basic anatomical information, intimate hygiene, safe contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases.
Be organise several major events annually, for example the world AIDS day on the 1st of December, or Semmelweis Egészsgverseny (Semmelweis Health Competition) for high school students in March.

If you are here to ask us to give a lesson on this topic, please send us an e-mail to We will then contact you.

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dávid Együd
Head of Sexual and reproductive health

For teachers

Dear Sir/Madam,

BMSA has several years of experience in organizing and conducting preventive classes, therefore we have acquired considerable professional experience and references over the years. This year we continue the decade-long tradition with the help of Ifjú Tudósok Társasága Közhasznú Alapítvány.
All members of our section are medical students, who wish to raise awareness among elementary and high school students by giving presentations about responsibilities that come with active sexual life.

Our members regularly attend extra trainings in order to make their presentations up to date, and to able to inform students about the latest scientific discoveries. 
Our basic sexual education classes aim to spread sexual culture among teenagers, which includes:

  • Basic anatomical knowledge
  • Intimate hygiene 
  • Proper self-examination
  • safe contraceptive methods
  • General information about sexually transmitted diseases

We pay special attention to the high numbers of teenage pregnancies and abortions. We are raising awareness about how abortions can cause serious physical and mental damages.We flexibly plan our classes based on your needs of form and content, free of charge for institutes of public education.


Dávid Együd
Head of Sexual and reproductive health

For our students

Dear (future) member of BMSA,

I would like to present you the work of Sexual and reproductive health section.Our primary mission is to give presentations to elementary and high school students about sexual culture, and we need your help as well!


You will be doing a significant social duty, as you can affect other people’s lives before finishing medical school
At end of the day, you will certainly feel useful
It is a superb feeling, read my introduction
And of course you are rewarded with BMSA points


Nothing comes to my mind ?

These classes include: basic anatomical and physiological knowledge, safe contraceptive methods and general information about sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS and HPV, but also  intimate hygiene and other relevant topics.

We organise major events annually, and we need help with these as well!

World AIDS day
IDAHOT : International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia
Women’s day and other events

We are part of the organizing team of EGÉSZSÉGVERSENY for high school studnets

How to join us:

Attend our training in October, check the newsletter for the specific date
Find a likable and active member of our section (a mentor), watch a few of his/her presentations, learn the required material and go for it! ?