The Semmelweis University Doctoral Council
and the Károly Rácz Conservative Medicine Division
invite you to the defense of the doctoral dissertation of

Gábor Szegvári

Exploring the translational potential of influencing macrophage polarization in the tumor
microenvironment in small cell lung cancer with a Boolean control network model

Date of the defence:
21 June 2024 at 3 PM

Place of the defence:
Hevesy Lecture Hall, Basic Medical Science Center, Semmelweis University
Supervisor: Zoltán Lohinai, MD, Ph.D.
Head of the Program: Veronika Müller, MD, DSc.
Head of the Doctoral Division: György Reusz, MD, DSc.

President of the evaluation committee: Balázs Győrffy, MD, DSc.
Committee members:
Csaba Schvarcz, PhD.
Zoltán Simon, Ph.D.
János Fekete, Ph.D.
Tamás Korcsmáros, Ph.D.

Budapest, 2024