Semmelweis University Doctoral Council
and the Doctoral School of Theoretical and Translational Medicine
invite you to the doctoral defense dissertation of
Beáta Róka

Time-dependent miRNA profile and renal acute phase response during septic acute kidney
injury in mice

The date of defense:
25 April 2024. 2:30 PM CET

The place of defense:
Hevesy György hall, Basic Medical Science Center,
Tűzoltó utca 37-47.,1094 Budapest
Semmelweis University

Supervisors: Péter Hamar, MD, DSc and Gábor Szénási, CSc
Head of the Program: Zoltán Benyó, MD, DSc.
Head of the Doctoral School: Miklós Kellermayer, MD, DSc.
President of the evaluation committee: György Reusz, MD, DSc.

Committee members: Opponents:
Levente Kuthi, MD, PhD. Ádám Hosszú, MD, PhD.
Ádám Remport, MD, PhD. Béla Nagy, MD, PhD.

Budapest, 2024