At the Emergency Department we treat suddenly appearing, potentially life threatening decease. In case you experience strong pain or sudden deterioration of condition you can seek help at our department.

Please note that we are not able to treat trauma injuries!

Accessibility: available by clicking here →


  • identity card/passport
  • address card
  • TAJ card (or European Insurance Card)

If you do not have either of the above insurance cards, you are required to sign a form, disclaiming that you are willing to pay for the service.

At the emergency department, targeted examination of the patient is carried out according to the complaints and symptoms, as a result of which we can recommend further examinations. Several hours may pass before the results of the additional tests (e.g. lab, imaging) or consultations arrive. Please prepare accordingly!

Please come to the emergency department with as few personal items and valuables as possible!

Visits are currently prohibited at our clinic.

The processe of patient care

All patients at our Clinic are treated according to their acute care needs, regardless of how their arrival (via ambulance or on foot).

At the emergency department, patients are not treated on a first-come, first-served basis, but according to the legislation in force, taking into account objective factors and prioritised according to the patient’s current condition and acute care needs.

Priority is given to patients with critical or urgent care needs. Triage is performed by triage nurses in our department, based on the Hungarian Emergency Triage System (MSTR), within minutes of administrative admission. Time windows for the start of care (medical examination, diagnostics) based on the MSTR:

MSTR I: resuscitation (0 minutes)
MSTR II: critical condition (<15 minutes)
MSTR III: urgent (<30 minutes)
MSTR IV: less urgent (<1 hour)
MSTR V: non-urgent (<2 hours)

If the inflow of patients to the ward at a particular time is so high that we cannot start care within the prescribed time window, the triage nurse will carry out a re-triage to determine whether it is safe for you to continue waiting and which patients need to be prioritised.

In all cases, we aim to ensure that you spend as little time as possible in the emergency department.

Regional care order

For the planning of the patient journey, it is important that if the patient requires hospitalisation, the patient is discharged from our department according to the Budapest regional care order, based on the patient’s address or place of residence. If the patient pathway is considered clear at GP or specialist level, it is recommended to refer the patient to a specialist care location based on the Territorial Care Obligation, which can save the patient considerable time.