The „Clinical Work” (“Klinikai munka”) elective course in the Department of Emergency Medicine is a practice-orientated course. Its main aim is to provide the opportunity to get an insight into how an Emergency Department works and experience the special approach that characterizes emergency patient care. Furthermore, we pay attention to teaching basic medical procedures (e.g. peripheral venous cannulation, taking arterial blood gas samples, bladder catheterization) and practicing patient examination. This practice is basically shadowing, every student is assigned to a tutor (who is one of the medical colleagues of the Clinic).

The attendance is based on a monthly schedule (which is made according to the student’s free time) in 12-hour shifts, on average 2 shifts a month is the required minimum.

You can register to the course from the 3rd academic year.

Course registration: in Neptun.

Subject code: AOVKLM157F1A (Course code: Emergency Department) ( 2022/23 2nd semester) 

All applicants must contact Dr. Rita Szentgróti: