The course description and requirements can be downloaded here.

The timetable and schedule are available via Moodle or here.

Schedule for the 2023/24 year first semester is available in the Neptun and Moodle systems. 

Location: Avicenna International College,  Orczy út 3, Budapest,1089

The compulsory first aid course is educated at the clinic, in Hungarian, English and German.

Lectures are  held during the first 3 weeks of the semester, exact dates can be found in the Neptun system. Attendance at lectures is NOT compulsory, attendance is recorded for statistical reasons only, it has no influence on the signing of the course or the grade.

The lecture material is uploaded to Moodle in pdf format.

Exercises are thematic exercises on consecutive topics for 5 consecutive teaching weeks. So, exercises are held in weeks  4-8  and  9-13. The detailed timetable can be found here. The duration is 3×45=135 minutes.

Types of exercises:

ABCDE exercise: recognition of a critical condition, learning and practicing the ABCDE approach to patient assessment.  Learning how to call for help by using SBAR communication.

AIRWAY exercise: opening and maintaining airway without device (Eschmark, Head back to stand forward) and with simple airway devices (OPA,NPA,LMA). Stable lateral position. Masked balloon ventilation. Procedures in case of a foreign body in the airway- Homelich hold.

BLS-AED exercise: recognition of circulatory arrest, call for help. Quality chest compressions. Chest compressions and ventilation. AED use.

SEB exercise: bleeding and injury care. Arterial bleeding. Pressure dressings, use of tourniquet. End tourniquet.

Spinal fixations. Cap dressings. Sling knitting. Treatment of finger injuries. Ligature of limb injuries. Treatment of burns-freezes.

Participation in 75 % of the practice is compulsory according to the TVA. The ABCDE patient examination and the performance of quality BLS are critical parts of the Practical Exam, so participation in these is mandatory. If someone is unable to attend a mandatory lesson, he/she may join any other group practice on the topic on the same week.

If a group practice is on a public holiday and is cancelled, please contact us ( as soon as possible to arrange an alternative date.