Cardioprotection and cardiovascular risk factors: diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia Péter Ferdinandy, MD, PhD, DSc
Exosomes and microvesicles in cardioprotective mechanisms Péter Ferdinandy, MD, PhD, DSc
Zoltán Giricz, PharmD, PhD
Investigation of the ischemic adaptation of the heart in presence of comorbidities in in vitro cell culture models Péter Ferdinandy, MD, PhD, DSc
Anikó Görbe, MD, PhD
Bioinformatics in systems biology and pharmacovigilance Péter Ferdinandy, MD, PhD, DSc
Bence Ágg, MD
Establishment of behavioural pharmacological models measuring cognitive abilities István Gyertyán, MD, PhD 
Ferenc Kassai, PhD
Analysing the pathomechanism of inflammatory bowel diseases and non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID)-induced enteropathy in animal models Zoltán Zádori, MD, PhD
Klara Gyires, MD, PhD, DSc
Analysing the role of central and peripheral receptors in the regulation of gastric mucosal integrity and gastrointestinal motility Zoltán Zádori, MD, PhD
Klara Gyires, MD, PhD, DSc
Glycine transporter inhibitors as a novel therapeutic opportunity for the treatment of neuropathic pain Mahmoud Al-Khrasani , MD, PhD
László G. Hársing, MD, PhD, DSc
Assessement of peripheral analgesic component of opioids Pál Riba, MD, PhD
Mahmoud Al-Khrasani , MD, PhD
Exploring the patomechanism of sensorineural hearing losses and seeking for new pharmacotherapeutic targets Tibor Zelles, MD, PhD
Electrophysiological investigation of glutamatergic transmission in the CNS László Köles, MD, PhD