(Péter Nagy, MD,PhD, DSc and Sándor Paku, PhD, DSc)

Aims and areas of interest:
Our group’s research concentrates on understanding how the liver regenerates from stem cells, and we are also focused on studying angiogenesis and tumor metastasis.

We have characterized the small bile ducts harbouring adult stem cells in human and rat liver; the canals of Hering can be identified by a unique immunophenotype. We have analysed the architectural changes in the regenerated liver. Our results show that during liver regeneration the enlargement of the hepatic lobules is exclusively responsible for the regenerative liver growth. Analysing the vascularization of cirrhotic livers we have found that the developing regenerative nodules in advanced cirrhosis are positioned along the portal tree and are directly supplied by terminal portal venules.

We have examined the vascularization process of experimental metastases in three different organs (liver, brain and lung) and we have found that the tumours incorporated the pre-existing capillaries (i.e. vessel co-option) of the host tissue.



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The research group:

Péter Nagy, professor
Sándor Paku, senior research fellow
Katalin Dezső, senior lecturer
Bugyik Edina, post-doctor
Armanda Szücs, PhD student
Dóra Trojnár, scientific student worker
Bálint Jiling, scientific student worker


Prof. Ezio Laconi – Università degli studi di Cagliari, Sardinia
Dr Andrew Reynolds – The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK
Dr.Peter Vermeulen – Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium