(Dr. Gábor Barna, dr. Márk Ágnes Kovácsné )




The research field of the group and main results:

The main aims of our research group is to develop the differential diagnostic of B-cell lymphomas, to study the interaction of the microenvironment and tumor cells by flow cytometry, by molecular and in vitro cell culture methods.

In our diagnostic laboratory we do the immunophenotyping of lymphomas and leukemia by flow cytometry on peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates samples. We link our research to our diagnostic work.

The number of patients with lymphoma is growing year by year. The B-cell low grade Non-Hodgkin lymphomas are the most frequent lymphomas. Although there are several new therapies, lymphomas remain fatal and cure only for a small fraction of patients is an option. The interaction between lymphoma cells and the bone marrow or lymph nodes microenvironment promotes drug resistance and cancer cells survival.

In our research we study the immunphenotype of lymphoma cells. We investigate the survival, the proliferation and cytokine production of tumor cells – isolated from rutine samples – in coculture with bone marrow stromal cells. We compare the in vitro results results with the immunphenotype, various prognostic factors (detected by FISH) and mutations. With these data we try to clear up the role of the microenvironment and the surface molecules of the tumor cells in the development and progression of lymphomas.




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Members of the research group:

Dr. Gábor Barna, senior research fellow

Dr. Ágnes Márk, research fellow

Kriston Csilla, predoctor, assistant research fellow

Takács Ferenc, TDK student

Hernádfői Márk, TDK student