Information of Lectures

Dear students!

Giving consideration to the university’s adaptation to the increasing epidemiological situation in Hungary, starting 23rd of November 2020, the Institute will switch to digital learning in terms of practices too.
Accordingly, in the remaining educational period of the first semester of 2020/21, the physical presence of students either during practicals or in lecture halls will be no longer possible.
Taking the above mentioned situation into account, each practical leader will consult with his/her group and will hold the practical, and consultation, online in a time slot that is suitable for the majority of students in those respective groups.
In the case that students have questions regarding the histological material, it will be possible to discuss them with the leader of the practical in online consultations.
The presentation of autopsy-practical cases will not be missed either, the details of which will be explained by the individual leaders of such practicals.
Please take note of the above, and I thank you for your cooperation in advance!
As always, I am at your disposal should you have any further questions.
Best regards,
Dr. Rácz Gergely

Information about the e-learning materials

Class materials will be uploaded to our website, where they’ll be accessible just like the E-learning platform.
The first recorded lecture (Matolcsy 03.11 Malformations. Clinical manifestation of renal disease. Glomerular disease) of the topic “Pathology of kidney and the urinary tract.” Is available through this link:
Similarly, the following histology practical of the same topic (Nephrology) is also available, which was performed by assistant professor dr. Finta Attila: (Specimen and Histology parctice, 2nd semester, VII. Nephrology, VIDEO)
Furthermore, we’ll be uploading an autopsy case weekly, from which you can find the first demonstration on the following link: under the Autopsy practice link, 7th week’s autopsy practice
For all future uploads you can expect a similar notice!
I wish you all a successful learning and revision experience!


Study advisor: Dr. Gergely Rácz
                           Phone: 459-1500 ext. 54471

Study administrator: Szilvia Szabó
                                       Phone: 459-1500  ext.  54459