11th World Congress on Conductive Education

“The International History of Conductor Training”

Budapest, 25-26 November, 2022
President of the Congress: Béla Merkely, Rector of Semmelweis University

The World Congress on Conductive Education will be organized as part of Semmelweis University’s International 40 anniversary program series under the title “The International History of Conductor Training” in a hybrid way. In connection with the previous world congress, we did not have the opportunity to present the honorary conductor awards due to the epidemiological situation which we would now like to replace in the form of a personal appearance for the awardees.

As already known, the date of the congress: November 25-26, 2022, location: online (Zoom). The official language of the congress is English.

2022 is an important jubilee year for all of us.

  • Semmelweis University’s international education training programme started 40 years ago
  • The First World Congress on Conductive was organized 32 years ago, in Budapest
  • The International Pető Association was founded in the same year
  • It was also 32 years ago that fully accepted college level training started – after earlier training variations

Please take a look at the programme below, or download it from here.