The primary goal of the Institute of Conductive Education (ICE) is to prepare Hungarian and international students for the conductor profession.  Students will be able to develop people of different ages through conductive education (CE), especially people with disabilities due to central nervous system damage. According to the students chosen specialization, the students learn the work of educating preschool-age or school-age children, or multidisciplinary teamwork in health or social institutions. The ICE provides the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge during their training.

The second key task of ICE is to continuously renew and update the content of the conductor-training. The research topics of the lecturers are related to the important theoretical and practical issues of conductor training, examining gap-filling or less researched areas. The experiences and results of the research are continuously integrated into the curriculum of the training or appear as a new subject in the training.

The organization and performance of scientific research related to training and education, the management and assistance of students’ scientific work, the planning and organization the examining of the impact and results of CE and the publication of these studies’ results are also among outstanding activities of ICE. Accordingly, the key research topics for ICE lecturers are: historical research in CE; scientific research in CE; examination of the motor function and other functions, learning abilities of children and adults with disabilities, especially people with disabilities due to central nervous system damage; examination of views and attitudes; examination and development the effectiveness of conductor training; participation in clinical trial in collaboration with other faculties of Semmelweis University.

The ICE is responsible for organizing of special professional trainings and courses for teachers and other professionals, archiving and managing the conductive educational legacy, representing of CE in Hungarian and foreign scientific forums and participating in CE trainings at foreign universities.

The number of full-time lecturers at the ICE is 12.