The yearly tuition fee is to be paid in two installments by semesters until the deadlines given below.

Tuition Fees and Additional Costs

Admission procedure Fee: EUR 450

 Payable at the time of application and also covers the entrance examination fees of exams. 

 The admission procedure fee should be paid by wire transfer directly to Semmelweis University.

Enrolment Fee: EUR 220 

Payable at the beginning of your studies, together with the 1st semester’s tuition fee. 

Tuition fee: EUR 4420 / semester

The tuition fee of the first semester has to arrive on the bank account at the latest by the date indicated in the acceptance letter (together with the enrollment fee). The tuition fees of the following semesters have to be paid until the deadline indicated in the Academic Calendar of the Faculty.

Please note that the payment is considered fulfilled when the amount arrives to the account below. Note that bank transfers can take 3–5 workdays.

Payment Details

Payment by wire transfer

All payments can be made by wire transfer to Semmelweis University’s bank account bellow. Payments have to be made in EUR.

Account details of Semmelweis University are as follows:

Account holder: Semmelweis University
Account Number (IBAN): HU51 11763842-00880888-00000000
Bank name: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Bank address: 16., Nádor Street, Budapest, Hungary, H-1051

The money transfer sheet should include the name of the student as written in the passport. The money transfer note should also include the correspondent Swift/BIC code.

The above-mentioned net amounts have to be credited to the account, i. e. all bank commission fees and other charges have to be paid by the applicant/student. The date of payment is the date on which the payment is credited to the University’s bank account, i.e. payments have to arrive to the University’s bank account by the given deadline. Since international wire transfers may take several days, applicants/students are advised to initiate the wire transfer several days before the given deadline. If the above fees are not credited to our bank account by the above deadlines, applications will not be valid, and admissions will be automatically cancelled.

Refund Policy

  1. The application fee is non-refundable
  2. Prior to enrolment (registration) at the university the tuition fee is refundable
  1. After enrolment (registration) at the university, the tution fee is not refundable

Withdrawal of studies: Students, compelled to withdraw for academic/disciplinary reasons or have been accepted/transferred by another institute of higher education are not entitled to a refund of the tuition fee.

Students are entitled to a refund on a pro rata basis if studies are interrupted due to a sound reason (e.g. a medically certified severe illness, the death of one of the parents/guardians, an obligatory military service or visa problems). The refund is applicable from the first day of the month following report of the above-mentioned conditions with accompanying official certificates.

  1. Suspension of studies:
  2. a) Student’s legal relationship is suspended after registration within a month following the beginning of the semester. Tuition is non-refundable. It can be transferred to the next active semester.
  3. b) Student’s legal relationship is suspended after registration more than a month later than the beginning of the semester. Tuition fee is non-refundable. It cannot be transferred to the next active semester and the semester must be considered as active.
  4. The Admission Procedure Fee can be refunded only if
  5. a) the application covered by the fee has never been submitted or it has been withdrawn before the application deadline;
  6. b) the applicant paid a higher fee (please note that only the overpayment can be refunded).

No other claims are acceptable. Any claim for refund of Admission Procedure Fee must be sent before the 20th of August.

Refund process may take between 30-60 calendar days.