Dear Guest,

welcome to the András Pető Faculty of Semmelweis University, the home of Conductive Pedagogy.

Our Faculty is located in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. The history of our institution goes back to the 1940s when Dr. András Pető had developed its unique pedagogical rehabilitation system what we call today Conductive Pedagogy.

With the merger with Semmelweis University in 2017 we have also become an integral part of the most successful Hungarian higher education institution according to international rankings and one of the best universities in all Central Europe. The university activities are based on the triple unity of education, research-innovation, and healthcare services. The András Pető faculty fits perfectly into this unity with its Conductive Pedagogy BA study program, with its research activities focusing on Cerebral Palsy and pedagogical rehabilitation, and its national and international rehabilitation services.

Conductive pedagogy is a unique, holistic pedagogical rehabilitation method that improves the quality of life for people with disabilities caused by neurological damage. It uses pedagogical methodologies to develop both mental and motor skills, while promoting inclusion and integration into society, education, and the work environment.


With more than 75 years of history, the concept of Conductive Pedagogy spread across the world and become famous in many countries. The professionals who completed their Conductive Pedagogy degree program at our institutions are highly sought-after in France, Germany, New Zealand, UK, USA, and many others. The program is available both in Hungarian and in English language and for international students scholarships are also an option.


Dear Visitor,

as a conductor, teacher and Dean of the faculty I am proud to lead our institution since 2016.

No matter how difficult the times – epidemic, economic crisis or war –  were, my colleagues and I have always found ways to help children with CP and their families and to train the professionals of the future. As a fundamental tenet of conductive pedagogy says, teamwork always leads to success!

Moreover, we have a mission to pass on the work of our great predecessors – Dr András Pető and Dr Mária Hári – to future generations.

So, if you visit us, whether as a student, lecturer, researcher, colleague, or client, I am confident that you will experience our cohesion, professionalism and belief in the cause! I hope we can meet in the near future in person!


Andrea Zsebe Phd.
Andras Peto Faculty
Semmelweis University