Department’s responsible TDK contact: Dr. Krasimir Kolev, contact via email.

Topic Tutor
Studying the TRPM2 channel’s structure and function Ádám Bartók , PhD
Molecular pathomechanism of the human dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase deficiency Attila Ambrus, DSc
Multienzyme complexes – structure-function relationships Attila Ambrus, DSc
ROS generation by the alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex – mechanistic and structural aspects Attila Ambrus, DSc
Oncometabolism Christos Chinopoulos, MD, PhD, DSc
Molecular mechanisms leading to pathological soft tissue mineralization Flora Szeri, PhD
Fibrin structure and fibrinolysis Krasimir Kolev, MD, PhD, DSc