What are we studying?

In a dynamic environment where oxygen and nutrients are frequently limiting, ‘rewiring’ of metabolism is a hallmark of cancer, more commonly known as “tumor metabolism”. We believe that alterations in oncometabolism substantiated by changes in proteins expression ‘rewiring’ certain metabolic pathways provide an excellent opportunity for cancer-specific therapeutic intervention. Identifying those proteins involved in bioenergetic pathways that are up- or downregulated in order to serve the needs of neoplasia, is crucial for beating cancer.

How do we research?

  • Investigation of mitochondrial energy-harnessing pathways under electron transport chain inhibition
  • Reverse Phase Protein Array technology (RPPA)
  • Genetic manipulation of cancer cell lines and high resolution fluorescence imaging
  • Investigation of the role of a routinely used voltage sensitive dye in mitochondrial bioenergetics in vitro, which showed a hidden, yet undescribed artifact in electrochemical activity of mitochondria

Our tools for the scientific community

About the ANT activity assay

Who are we?

The leader of the group is associate professor Christos Chinopoulos. His experience and professional memberships include roster panel reviewer (panel LS4 of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary), teaching secretary for English Medicine and Dentistry, 2nd year Medical Biochemistry, Semmelweis University, guest editor for Neurochemical Research, associate editor for the Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes, executive committee member of EU COST Action: CA15203 – Mitochondrial mapping: Evolution – Age – Gender Lifestyle – Environment. His awards include Merit Award of the Semmelweis University, Huzella Tivadar Award of the Semmelweis University, Bolyai János Award of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, ISN-ESN Young Investigator Award, Richter Gedeon Research Award.

Current research projects

  • Oncometabolism

Staff members and publications

PHD students

  • Nazarian Sara
  • Gergely Pallag
  • Dávid Bui

TDK students

  • Bence Czumbel
  • Lee Jeonghyoun
  • Seung Won Jeong
  • Seunghee Lee
  • Barnabás Szabó Zoltán

Significant international collaborators