The novel type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the epidemiological emergency situation that it has caused presented Hungary with an unprecedented challenge. Semmelweis University is constantly monitoring the international and domestic coronavirus situation and is taking necessary measures within the university. Our aim is to provide not only citizens of the university with regular information on current news, measures, actions and preventive options, but citizens of the entire country as well. A Semmelweis Epidemiological Operational Board was set up by the Rector with the participation of the four Hungarian medical universities in order to most efficiently carry out the necessary steps. Under the leadership of Semmelweis University, a nationwide, representative coronavirus screening program called H-UNCOVER was conducted during the first wave of the epidemic. The university was among the first to start administering vaccine shots against the coronavirus from 26 December 2020, and it was the first institution that provided the vaccination for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers from 27 March 2021. Please, visit the website regularly for the latest updates on all aspects of the novel coronavirus.

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