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MTA-SE NAP B Cognitive Translational Behavioural Pharmacology Group


  • István Gyertyán MD guest researcher, group leader
  • Ferenc Kassai  guest researcher
  • Kata Kozma, guest researcher
  • Aliz Ernyeiguest researcher
  • Ildikó Csontos, assistant


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Establishment of a cognitive test battery with high translational value

 Experimental Methods

•   Measuring general, hypo- and hyper-locomotor activity
•   Studying cognitive functions, learning and memory, – active (shuttle-box) and passive learning tests, recognition of new object (NOR)
•   Studying anxiety and anxiolytic effect – elevated plus maze test (EPM), conditioned place aversion (CPA)
•   Studying the development of dependence – physical dependence and conditioned place preference (CPP)
•   Studying maternal behavior – observation and pup retrieval test
•   Applying depression models – learned helplessness, bilateral bulbectomy
•   Studying the sensitivity of postsynaptic receptors – dopamin-induced stereotyped behavior, serotonin-syndrome