2019/20 Fall

5th year 45 min, Varga lecture room



Correlation between peridontology and orthodontics HA Sept. 11th
Periodontal aspects of prosthetic rehabilitation  GI Sept. 18th
Morphology of periodontal defects. Indications of periodontal surgery DF Sept. 25th
Periodontal surgery I. General introduction GI Oct. 2nd
Periodontal surgery II. Surgical correction of gingival enlargement GI Oct. 9th
Periodontal surgery III. Periodontal resective/reparative surgery HA Oct. 16th
    Oct. 23rd
Biology of periodontal tissue. Basics of regenerative techniques NP Oct. 30th
Clinical application of periodontal regenerative techniques I. WP Nov. 6th
Clinical application of periodontal regenerative techniques II. WP Nov. 13th
Biological mediators in periodontal surgery DF Nov. 20th
Mucogingival surgery I. MB Nov. 27th
Mucogingival surgery II. / Written exam MB Dec. 4th
Alveolar ridge preservation techniques WP Dec. 11th

2018/19 Spring

5th year 65 min, Árkövy lecture hall



Biology of periodontal and periimplant tissues WP Febr. 4th
Comprehensive case presentations I. (perio-prot direct/indirect, surg) GI Febr. 11th
Periodontal aspects of implantology, augmentations I.  WP Febr. 18th
Periodontal aspects of implantology, augmentations II. WP Febr. 25th
Is periodontitis a risk factor in implant dentistry? HA March 4th
Periimplantitis. Background and management MB March 11th
Comprehensive case presentations II. (perio/plastic surg – impl) MB March 18th
Comprehensive case presentations III. (perio-non-surg/surg – impl) HA March 25th
Consultation: Periodontal diagnostics GI April 1st
Supportive therapy in periodontology and implant dentistry HA April 8th
Easter recess   April 15th
Easter Monday   April 22nd
Written exam     WP/GI April 29th

2018/19 Fall