Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 1. August 2021
352918 Total vaccines

Available thesis topics (with defence in 2023):

Dr. Windisch Péter: Clinical evaluation of guided tissue regeneration

Dr. Gera István: Traumatic occlusion and its role in the progression of destructive periodontitis

Dr. Dőri Ferenc: The role of biological mediators in periodontal tussue regeneration

Dr. Molnár Bálint: Periimplantitis- prevention. etiology and therapeutic options

Dr. Nagy Pál: The role of the peridontally accelerated osteogenetic orthodontics in the multidisciplinary treatment

Dr. Orbán Kristóf: Non-surgical periodontal treatment and long-term result

Dr. Drajkó Zsombor: New ways in the alveolar ridge preservation and bone augmentation:auto –tooth bone graft


Due defences 2022

Prof. Windisch Péter: Hard and soft tissue augmentation at periodontally compromised patients / Daniel Levi

Prof. Dőri Ferenc: The role of bilogical mediators in periodontal tissue regeneration

Prof. Gera István: The role of the polymorphonuclear leukocytes ( PMN cells) in the pathogeneseis of periodontal diseases / Karan Mahmodi Kotnaiei

Dr. Molnár Bálint: Periimplant pink esthetics – surgical soft tissue management

Dr. Nagy Pál György: How can PRF (platelet rich fibrin) substitute graft materials in periodontal and implant surgery? / Parinaz Pouladtam

Dr. Radóczy-Drajkó Zsombor: New ways in alveolar ridge preservation and bone augmentation: auto-tooth bone graft 

Dr. Orbán Kristóf: Non-surgical periodontal treatment and long-term result

Dr. Arvin Shahbazi: Morphology of the palate and connective tissue graft harvesting techniques 


Due defences 2021

Dr. Windisch Péter: individual topic: Criteria for estetic outcome for implant with bone building Zouikri Ahmed Rami

Dr. Windich Péter: individual topic: Minimal invasive GBR, for horizontal and vertical alveolar defects Herdt Sebastian

Dr. Dőri Ferenc: Treatment of furcation defects: resective, reparative and regeneration approaches / Soroush Kargahi

Prof. Gera István  The results of the non-surgical periodontal pocket therapy 

Prof. Gera István: Etiology and Clinical Management of Gingival Hyperplasia / Jessica Khoury

Prof. Gera István: The parathyroid hormone as an alternative therapy for osteoporotic patients / Masood FANI 

Dr. Molnár Bálint  The history and evolution of mucogingival surgery

Dr. Nagy Pál  The causes of the early bone loss phenomenon around dental implants


Dr. Molnár Bálint : Periodontal plastic surgery – state of the art in gingival recession coverage

Thomas Nikolai Bang-Larsen

Prof. Dőri Ferenc: The use of Platelet Rich Fibrin in periodontal recoustruction and regeneration Aravanis Christos