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Examination Theses  since 2016

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  1. Macroscopic and microscopic anatomy of the gingiva
  2. Macroscopic-, microscopic anatomy and function of the attachment apparatus
  3. Normal macroscopic-, microscopic anatomy and function of the gingival sulcus
  4. Development of periodontal tissues and biology of the alveolar bone
  5. Normal defensive functions of periodontal tissues
  6. The mechanism of plaque and calculus accumulation
  7. Light-, and electromicroscopic structure of the dental plaque
  8. Microbiology of supragingival dental plaque
  9. Microbiology of subgingival dental plaque, periopathogen microorganisms
  10. The experimental gingivitis model – Histology and immunology of initial gingivitis
  11. Histology and immunology of onset and developed gingivitis
  12. Histology and immunology of initial periodontitis
  13. The role of PMN leukocytes, monocytes and systemic factors in the patomechanism of periodontitis
  14. The role of local factors in the patomechanism of periodontitis; elimination of local plaque retentive factors
  15. Procession of the untreated periodontal disease
  16. Classification of periodontal diseases
  17. Clinical and subjective symptoms of plaque-induced gingivitis
  18. Gingivitis with systemic background and paired with deficiency diseases
  19. Connection of periodontitis and smoking
  20. The periodontal pocket as a focal infection (systemic connections of periodontitis)
  21. Non plaque-induced gingival diseases
  22. The role of attached gingiva in the mechanical defense of the periodontium
  23. Causes and consequencies of gingival recession, tooth neck hypersensitivity
  24. Drug-induced gingival hyperplasty, pregnancy-associated gingivitis
  25. Chronic, adult periodontitis
  26. Microbiology, genetic and immune background of agressive periodontitis
  27. Treatment of agressive periodontitis
  28. Oral hygiene indexes
  29. Diagnosis of gingivitis, gingival indexes
  30. Periodontal indexes. Significance of CPITN/PSR/BPE index systems
  31. Periodontal clinical diagnostic parameters, radiology, furcation laesions
  32. Epidemiology of periodontal diseases
  33. Prevention of periodontal diseases
  34. Treatment of acute periodontal conditions
  35. Main phases of complex periodontal therapy
  36. Acquiring effective individual oral hygiene
  37. Professional oral hygiene, tools
  38. Chemical plaque-control and systemic antibiotic treatment
  39. Reevaluation after the professional oral hygiene phase
  40. Fundamentals of periodontal surgery, indications and contraindications
  41. The role of gingivectomy in contemporary periodontal surgery
  42. Apically repositioned flap surgical techniques and the treatment of severe horizontal bone loss
  43. The modified Widman flap
  44. Treatment options for vertical bone defects
  45. Healing and regenerative potential of different periodontal tissues
  46. Fundamentals and history of Guided Tissue Regeneration
  47. Classification of periodontal flaps, incisions and suture techniques in periodontal surgery
  48. Resorbable, and non-resorbable barrier membranes
  49. Biological and biochemical tissue regeneration (morfogenic proteins, enamel matrix derivate)
  50. Bone replacement grafts and autogenous bone in periodontal regeneration
  51. Mucogingival surgery, correction of recessions, the Miller classification
  52. Periodontal considerations in prosthodontics, correction of secunder occlusal trauma, grinding, and prosthetic rehabilitation
  53. Indications and technical possibilities of creating temporary and semipermanent splints
  54. Borders of endodoncy and periodontology
  55. Periodontal maintenance and recall. Determinants of recall intervals. Criteria for successful periodontal treatment
  56. Connection between periodontology and orthodontics. Guidelines for orthodontic treatment of periodontally affected patients
  57. Alveolar ridge preservation
  58. The biological width around teeth and implants
  59. Aspects of implant placement in periodontally affected patients
  60. The definition of periimplant mucositis and periimplatitis. Treatment options