The International Department

The Centre of National and International Services belonging to the András Pető Faculty of Semmelweis University is dedicated to the provision of various international projects in addition to the services provided to Hungarian families in Budapest.

The International Pető Institute has been receiving patients from abroad since the 80s, but due to the great interest, the so-called international group was established in the 1990s. The international department started its operation with 4 groups, initially in English and German and later in Russian. At the same time, foreign interval projects were launched, first in England, and then in many countries around the world. For example, in North America, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Yemen, Mexico, Chile, Qatar, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, Japan…
In several of these countries, independent institutes have been established that are currently cooperating with the Budapest institute. For example, in New Zealand, England,and Israel.

The development of the conductive interval for Hungarians across the border was started in 2014 and currently operates with nearly 250 participants.

To this day, our Budapest institute warmly welcomes families who wish to apply.

Conductors of the international department
Conductors of the international department



Pal Csuka
Director of the International Department






Margit Siralyne Hardi
Group leader conductor