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Conductive pedagogy, as a rehabilitation method, was used by our institute’s namesake and also the method’s developer, Professor András Pető, not only with children, but also with adults from the very beginning.

We define improving the quality of life as a general goal. The restoration of lost abilities and skills in a complex way, through learning, the maintenance and development of existing abilities as long as possible. Mastering the application of learned movements and forms of movement in other abilities, imprinting them through practice and application and making them automatic during everyday activities.

The method of conductive pedagogy can be effectively applied to the development of movement and other abilities and skills such as communication, writing, thinking and memory resulting from various central nervous system injuries.

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We consider it very important to strengthen self-confidence, as well as the active involvement of the family and the immediate environment in the development process. In many cases, the joint work of the conductors and the adults who come to us can last for years, as long as both parties feel it is useful and effective.

Adult’s group services