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Adolescent program

Date: 2024.03.04 – 04.05.

Mostly: 10-16 years

This  group  is  designed  to  meet  the  needs  of  school  aged  children  and  adults  all  over  the  year.  During  the  few  week  interval  they  focus  on  improving  their  movement  skills  as  well  as  everyday  life  skills  what  they  can  build  into  their  daily  routine  at  home  in  the  most  independent  way.

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ADULTS Program

Date: 2024.04.08. – 05.03.

Mostly: 18+

In adult CP programme we define improving the quality of life as a general goal. The restoration of lost abilities and skills in a complex way, through learning, the maintenance and development of existing abilities as long as possible.

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EArly Childhood Program

Date: 2024.05.06. – 05.31.

Mostly: 4-10 years

The programme is aimed at helping children achieve a higher level of independence in everyday life and fulfill their individual needs with less physical assistance. We focus on adaptation. Following assessment of the participants, comprehensive conductive tasks are composed, personal development plans and the goals of the programme are adjusted to the participants of the given group (diagnosis, severity, age). The conductive education process is supported by home tasks tailored to each individual’s needs.

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