Conductive Education development  sessions usually take place in a group setting with people who have the same/similar condition or needs; or it could also be structured around the following age groups:

1. Parent & child groups (birth to 3 years old)

It involves parent/ carer to work closely with the child, conductor and rest of the group, in order to understand the child individual needs and to find ways of encouragment to develop skills appropriate to the child’s age. Apart from gaining advice, better understanding of the child condition, it is also a great opportunity for parents to meet other families of children with similar difficulties.

2. Early intervention groups (pre-school age)

Here the main focus is on allowing children to learn and develop skills independently of their parents / carers with other children. It is also a great preparation for further school education.

3. School groups (primary and potentially secondary school age)

Sessions would focus on overcoming learning difficulties, which are strongly associated with motor disorders. Children are challenged to gain more independence, to communicate more effectively within a group and to take care of their own needs; all supported by conducters and rest of the group.

4. Adult groups

It will be a continuity of the previous CE programmes which will be now implemented into an adulthood and perhaps into a work environment. In some circumstances, for instance in acquired head or spine injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiplex Sclerosis or after stroke, it could be only the beginning of the Conductive Education journey.

Idea behind the Conductive Education is to allow children and adults to work at their own pace and appropriately to their individual circumstances; above session structure is only a general example and it will not necessary fit all. Shaping the CE sessions, the focus should be on the individual goals and each group will have a programme designed specifically to meet both the group and the individual goals.


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