A QR code-based system is available and can be used by all faculties to receive immediate, “on the spot” feedback from students after lectures and practicals.

The system can be accessed from https://feedback.semmelweis.hu/ with SeKA identification, and also includes the possibility of feedback on clinical blocks (in the Faculty of Medicine). In addition to this, it will allow for further enhancements (Neptun integration, an educational administrator role, and the ability to download assessments in Excel spreadsheets expected as early as September). In the future, SeKA-based access rights management and individual access to different evaluation levels (individual, institute, faculty, university) will also be possible.

The rules for using the system are decided by the faculty, but we encourage its use by all those who want to improve their teaching through rapid feedback.

For more information on the QR feedback system, please see the CEMO and Students’ Union summary on student feedback, which can be downloaded from the link below:



Technical supervision is carried out by the CEMO E-learning and Digital Content Development Directorate, with the assistance of the IT Directorate.

Programming, development and technical support is provided by András László Szögi.

Contact: szogi.andras@semmelweis.hu, +36-20/663-24-75

You can ask for support mainly via e-mail, or in urgent cases by phone during working hours.