Semmelweis University has been using the Moodle framework providing the technical background for e-learning.

Moodle extracts course data from Neptun. This way, after logging in students can see the courses they have signed up for in Neptun. Academic staff have the possibility to share study materials, lead course forums, prepare online tests or even conduct exams. In addition to the basic functions of Moodle there are several elements assisting the work of educators. They enable the creation of custom made schedules or e-homework, where questions and tasks can be allocated to static content. Video conferences and webinars can be launched with the Zoom and Big Blue Button applications within the electronic courses. Academic staff can enter Moodle with their SeKA login.

Detailed instructions on using Moodle are available in the university’s e-learning system (after login).


On 11th March the Rector of Semmelweis University ordered the introduction of distant learning from 23rd March 2020. Based on the Rector-Chancellor’s Order (pdf), all lectures and consultations can be held virtually and elements to reduce the remaining number of practical classes can be incorporated (eg. surgical broadcasts, demonstrations).