The Center of Educational Development, Methodology and Organization is a central unit at our university whose goal is to support departments and clinics in their educational work through providing services for teachers.

The departments of the Center are:

  • E-learning and Digital Content Development Directorate
  • Department of Educational Development and Organization

The main tasks of the Center are:


  • organizing trainings for teachers in educational methodology
  • offering methodological assistance for teachers (in-person and departmental level)
  • organizing forums for teachers in pedagogical topics
  • informing teachers about pedagogical and ITC solutions and trends


  • organizing trainings for teachers in digital learning
  • managing Moodle (e-learning platform) and Semmelweis University Central Authentication (SeKA)
  • managing the repository of study materials
  • ensuring the development of graphic and video elements of educational materials
  • coordinating and supporting the development of e-learning materials
  • coordinating the acquisiton and use of technical tools for educational purposes
  • preparing and updating the Digital Learning Strategy of the university


  • contributing to the collection of student feedback on teachers’ performance and the evaluation of teachers’ work
  • collecting and publishing the curricula and exam requirements of different subjects
  • coordinating the development of new subjects and their curricula
  • facilitating the harmonization of cross-curricular content
  • monitoring and evaluating the teaching activities of clinics and departments
  • organising teaching programmes in areas defined by the Rector