CLIL in Medical Education: Reaching for Tools to Teach Effectively in English in a Multicultural and Multilingual Learning Space

The aim of the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Project is to increase the capacity of academic teachers teaching in English in the field of medical and healthcare sciences by encouraging them to concurrently teach their subject and increase the English language competencies of students through a CLIL approach. The project results can also be used to take steps to develop the intercultural competencies that are increasingly needed due to internationalization, enabling educators to teach groups of international students effectively, taking into account the specificities of cultures.

CLIL: Content and language integrated learning: An approach for learning content through an additional language (foreign or second), thus teaching both the subject and the language.

Project duration: October 31, 2019 – October 30, 2021

During the Pilot Course, we aim to increase the ability of 18 academics teaching through English in the medical and healthcare sciences to use the scholarship of teaching and learning in their course development and delivery, and to teach other academic teachers to do so.


Project members:

  • Luminar Foundation (Poland)
  • Karolinska Institutet (Sweden)
  • Atlantic Language (Ireland)
  • Medical University of Warsaw (Poland)
  • Medical University of Gdańsk (Poland)
  • Jagiellonian University Medical College (Poland)
  • Semmelweis University (Hungary)
  • University of Pecs Medical School (Hungary)