Our Institute is responsible for education of Microbiology by all of the three faculties of Semmelweis University (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Pharmacy) in recent decades not only for Hungarian, but for English and German Students as well. Microbiology curriculum is acquired by lectures and practices, Medical students learn it during two semesters and the Dental and Pharmacy students have it during one semester.

Colleagues of our Institute consider the development of microbiological approach required by the every day practice as a fundamental task in their work. Taking into account the different needs of the faculties, we continuously incorporate modern new aspects of Microbiology into the curriculum.

The educational materials related to the given faculty and the current academic year (Semi-final and final questions, Minimum questions, syllabus of the given semester, auxiliary materials, lecture materials, timetable informations and subject requirements) are available through Semmelweis University E-learning Website.