MTA Academic Award: the Presidency of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) awards it in recognition of outstanding scientific achievements.

  • Prof. Dr. Dóra Szabó for her excellent research work of molecular testing of multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria causing hospital infections and in the study of factors involved in the spread of bacteria and resistance genes
MTA János Bolyai Research Scholarship: for recognition and encouragement of talented young researchers and preparation for the title of Doctor of Sciences
  • Dr. Béla Kocsis 
László Batthyány-Strattmann Award:
  • Prof. Dr. Éva Ágnes Ádám in recognition of her professional work to improve healthcare and her outstanding performance

Middle Cross of  Hungarian Order of Merit:

  • Prof. Dr. István Nász in recognition for his nearly seven-decade scientific career, his internationally also highly appreciated research results, especially in the field of Virology and his teaching and active scientific activities in public life

Rector’s praise:

  • Dr. Eszter Ostorházi 

Dean’s praise:

  • Dr. Andrea Horváth
  • Balázs Stercz

Excellent PhD instructor:   

  • Prof. Dr. Dóra Szabó 

Excellent PhD Supervisor:   

  • Dr.Orsolya Dobay

Merit Award for teaching: it is awarded for the professor (lecturer and practice leader) who received the highest number of student votes

  • Dr. Ágoston Ghidán (Two-time Merit-Award winner practice leader)
  • Dr. Eszter Ostorházi 
  • Dr. Béla Kocsis
  • Dr. Dániel Gulyás (Three-time Merit-Award winner practice leader)

Research Merit Award: 

  •  Dr. Béla Kocsis 

Nomination for Chief Resident of Medical microbiology: 

  •  Dr. Dániel Gulyás

Phd Scholarship:

  • Dr. Judit Sahin-Tóth

Semmelweis 250+ PhD Scholarship of excellence: 

  •   Dr. Annamária Huber 

Semmelweis University Publication Award (“Publication in a prestigious journal”) 

  • Dr. Andrea Horváth and Dr. Annamária Huber
  • Dr. Orsolya Dobay and Eszter Tamara Kovács 
  • Prof. Dr. Mária Takács and Dr. Orsolya Nagy

Excellent employee of Semmelweis University-Award

  • Noémi Uzsonyik
  • Gábor Fekete